Often, I am asked what to buy for events for the bar. If you plan with the guest count, anticipate what your friends like to drink than you should be able to cover the entire drink menu and have multiple selections for everyone.

 There is a clear definable difference in spirits some are great for cocktails others are for drinking neat or on ice. Within the restaurant business we call this variety the Well, Call and Top shelf brands. All of which is definable by personal taste, this list for you that is both affordable and provides you with some great options. When you mix most cocktails, it is not wise to use top shelf liquor because a lot of the taste is absorbed within the other ingredients.  
I prefer to use the call liquors for cocktails and the top shelf for sipping but it’s your party

Sommelier Andrew Houeston Mack Bon Appetit – Costco Tutorial on Liquors ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Well: Absolute   
Call: Tito’s
Top Shelf: Grey Goose, Belvidere   

Whiskey  Bourbons
Well: Elijah Craig
Call: Buffalo Trace, Bullet
Top Shelf: Woodford Reserve

IF you are making old fashions, it’s great to have a Rye as well.

Well: Milagro
Call: Lalo Tequila
Top Shelf: Don Julio 1942, El Tesoro

Anders Erickson Margaritas

Well: Luminar
Call: Don Maguey Vida
Top Shelf: Amateco – Tobala

Well:  Capitan Morgan
Call: Doorly’s
Top Shelf: Flor De Cana

Well:  Tanqueray
Call: Bombay
Top Shelf: Hendriks

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