Back in 2007 in a trip to visit friends in NYC I was swept away by the drinks in the East Village. The thought of having a liquor induced beverage became secondary to how it was made, what were the key ingredients and how was it served. 
The truth about spirits. 
I do believe that everyone has a liquor that they thoroughly enjoy. Either neat, on the rocks, in cocktail or as a chaser. Timing is key, the mood is an element but there is always something that says, this is my go to. 
For me it's Mezcal. I love the flavor, texture and the story / history behind this ancient liquor. From the way it is farmed to how it is cooked underground the smokey, earth flavor brings a smile to my face. 
A lot of our taste preferences in the United States are swayed by marketing and advertising. With great commercials, celebrity endorsements we are moved to thinking one item must taste better than the other. It doesn't, it just means they have a solid PR campaign. In Mexico City, CDMX, Mezcal is the taste of the town. Without labels or large brands to move our thinking. I had the pleasure of tasting some of the best Mezcal ever. I can't wait to travel to Oaxaca. 
Maestro mezcalero: Melecio Meza
Región: Caltepec, Puebla. México.
Variedad: Pitzometl
Alcohol: 47°
Cantidad: 750 ml
Categoría: Artesana

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