Every magician has their trick that allows them to create an illusion to the audience. Making a great cocktail is not an trick, it is a carefully, crafted recipe that has an influence on each ingredient. 
Do you know the core ingredient in Grenadine? 
Our pre-made store mixes often have a high amount of sugar that creates an imbalance to the cocktail. Using fresh fruit allows the bartender to craft a drink that can be fully symmetry with the right amount of sweet and tartness. 

One element I use to change flavor is when batching mixes I use Monkfruit which is a natural fruit found in Asia that is compounded down to sugar. It's makes for a perfect substitute  and Monkfruit has a higher brix sweetener count than sugar. 
Not everyone likes their cocktails sweet and to add balance is the tang in a lemon or lime or in some countries both or neither. There are some different varieties of lemons that add for an array of sweetness and the bitter taste for a cocktail.

For some drinks I prefer to use a meyer lemon because it is not as bitter 

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